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Mt Hood Hiking Trails

Cooper Spur Trail

Though it’s far from the toughest, this is the highest hiking trail in Oregon— right up into the realm of the mountain climber. You’ll be in the world of rock and snow, and you won’t even wear yourself out getting there—well, not completely. You’ll also get to see the oldest buildings on Mount Hood and the results of a massive landslide.

Mt Hood Resort at the Mountain: Golf Course

Timberline Trail

This heavy-duty hiker trail constructed in the 1930s by the Civilian Conservation Corps applauds the rugged beauty of Mount Hood. Along it, hikers dip deep into chiseled drainages, ford glacial streams, cross rocky slopes, bypass glaciers and snowmelt falls, and tour high-elevation forest and inviting alpine meadows. In places, snowfields linger into summer. Stream crossings are best accomplished in the morning, when waters are lowest; at times, some may be impassable. Mount Hood (elevation 11,235 feet) is a strato-volcano that had four minor eruptions in the 1800s. A buried forest along the tour hints at the mountain’s explosive nature.

Greenlea Golf Course

Ramona Falls
Directions: Take Highway 26 from Portalnd until you reach Zigzag. Here take a left onto Hwy 18 (Lolo pass). Follow this 4.5 miles until you reach a turn for Muddy Fork road. There is a sign that indicates trailheads and campgrounds. Follow this road to its end at the Ramona Falls Trail Head.
Length: 4.4 mile loop
The Hike: The trail wanders along Ramona Creek before coming to the wall-like Ramona Falls. The hike is long, but quite easy, and is suitable for all ages and skill-levels.

Mt Hood Resort at the Mountain: Golf Course

Old Salmon River Trail
Directions: Take U.S. 26 to Welches. Take a right on Salmon River Road and follow for approximately 3 miles, entering the Mt. Hood National Forest. The trailhead is on the right and is well marked.
Length: 2.6 miles
The Hike: This great hike allows you to enjoy the beauty of the Salmon River without much strain. Getting from the parking area to the trail is steep, but the trail is relatively flat the whole way, and there are plenty of places to rest, or even camp. You'll end at the bridge where the Upper Salmon trail picks up. You could park one vehicle up the trail if you wanted to do a point to point, but the trail is so mild that the walk back is no trouble at all.


Mt Hood Resort at the Mountain: Golf Course
Directions: Take U.S. 26 east. At Zig Zag, turn north onto Lolo Pass Road (Road 18) and drive about 0.4 miles. Turn right onto gravel East Mountain Road and continue to the trailhead (about 1.6 miles).
Length: 1.8 miles round trip
The Hike: This trail is more difficult and requires the hikers to be sure-footed. At the end of the trail, you reach a giant moss-covered rock and there is a gorgeous view of the valley below.


Mt Hood Resort at the Mountain: Golf Course
Little Zigzag Falls
Directions: Take Highway 26 six miles east of the Zigzag Ranger Station. Turn left onto Road 2639 (Kiwanis Camp Road) and continue to the end of the road and a large parking area.
Length: 1 mile
The Hike: A perfect hike for children of all ages. It is short, flat, and ends in a beautiful falls with a pool for wading at the base.


Mt Hood Resort at the Mountain: Golf Course
Mirror Lake
Directions: Take Highway 26 to just shy of Government Camp. Between mileposts 51 and 52, you'll see a turnout on the right.
Length: 3.2 mile loop
The Hike: Mirror Lake is a fairly easy hike ending with a very nice lake, and if you plan ahead kids can wade in the lake when you get there. When you get to a point just below the lake you can take the loop trail in either direction. Taking the trail to the right connects you to another trail up Tom, Dick and Harry Mountain, which would give you a view of Mt. Hood.


Mt Hood Resort at the Mountain: Golf Course
Umbrella Falls—Sahalie Falls Loop
Directions: Drive south from the Hood River Ranger Station on Highway 35 approximately 17 miles. Turn right at the Hood River Meadows nordic ski area sign (Road 3545) and drive to the trailhead parking lot on the right.
Length: 4.1 mile loop
The Hike: The trail, which is covered in huckleberries in late summer, starts at Sahalie Falls and runs along Hood River until it reaches beautiful Umbrella Falls. If you want to make this hike shorter, the lower Mt. Hood Meadows parking lot can be reached quite easily from an asphalt path above Umbrella Falls and, in the off-season, offers a place to leave the car or arrange a pick-up.

Mt Hood Resort at the Mountain: Golf Course
Directions: From I-84, take the Highway 35/Hood River exit. Travel south on Hwy 35 for approx. 25 miles to the Tamanawas Falls trailhead parking area on the west side of the highway. The trailhead is 1/4 mile north of Sherwood Campground.
Length: 4.2 miles
The Hike: The hike runs alongside Cold Springs Creek for most of the way and contains several quaint footbridges along the way. The trail is very steep all and all, but the hike is made easy for everyone by a series of zig zags.

Mt Hood Resort at the Mountain: Golf Course
Silcox Hut
If you’re lucky, you can stretch the snowshoeing season and do this easy trip well into early summer. The glaciers above Timberline Lodge stick around so long that ski racers use the Palmer Snowfield as a year-round training area. Tucked in below the hubbub of the Palmer chair lift is this gem of Oregon history; the Silcox Hut represents some of Oregon’s mountaineering glory days, as well as its philanthropic future. The Silcox Hut makes for a great short day trip in good weather. Getting to Silcox Hut takes a bit of work, since you’ll be climbing a mile up the mountain, well above tree line.


Mt Hood Resort at the Mountain: Golf Course

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