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Snowboard and Skateboard Camps
Summer snowboarding camps can offer some of the best riding you'll have all year. The bright sun and slushy snow make for fun times and great learning opportunities.
Camps usually run from mid-June into August, with a typical session lasting one week. In North America, the two prime spots for summer snowboard camps are Mt. Hood in Oregon, and Whistler, Canada.
Camps customize an area of the mountain with their own park-like design of jumps, halfpipes and sometimes even a boardercross course. Most cater to freestyle riders, but some focus on freeriding as well.
Summer camps can also offer a variety of activities other than snowboarding, including skate ramps, video games, trampolines, wakeboarding and bmx riding.
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Mt Hood Hiking Trails
Mount Hood offers some of the most challenging and enjoyable hiking in Oregon. All trails maintained by the US Forest Service and their volunteers in Mount Hood are listed below, organized by Ranger District. They are suitable for both day hikes and overnight backpacking.
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Mt Hood Area Golf Courses
Oregon's Mt. Hood Territory is home to an array of golf courses providing both novices and expert golfers with challenging rounds. Many courses offer breathtaking views of Mt. Hood which some golfers claim distracting to their game, but the majority find exhilarating. Occasionally, one of the locals - a Canadian goose or brown-eyed deer - will want to play through.
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Mt Hood Golf Courses

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